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Los Pinos has become one of the most notorious slums in San Jose in recent years. With no sewage system in place, wastewater simply discharges onto the muddy trails that meander through the tight cluster of shacks. Violence and drug use is the norm. Graduation rates are low and teen pregnancy rates are high.

The slum is filled with large Nicaraguan populations who have been crossing the border into Costa Rica since the days of the Sandinistas/Contras war in the 1980’s. They come with the hope of making a better life, if not for them then for their children. But this hope comes at a cost.

The cycle of poverty is strong, and life in the slums offers little opportunity to better themselves. The separation of family impacts those who stayed behind in Nicaragua and those who have left. Communication is difficult and travel almost impossible, especially for those without proper documents. This is the story of one family’s journey between Nicaragua and Costa Rica and their determination to remain close and resilience to push ahead.
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