Being Dad

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Fatherhood is defined as:
Noun: the kinship relation between an offspring and the father
Noun: the state or responsibility of being a father
Of all the moments that a person experiences across their lifetime, few can match the magnitude of becoming a parent. The lessons one is required to learn without tutelage come fast and hard and the stakes could not be higher.

Desmond Gordon, a 35-year-old union electrician, is the father of four children: three girls and one boy. When asked what fatherhood means to him, Desmond responded “Fatherhood definitely means responsibility, guidance, protection, counsel. It’s scary. It’s emotional. I have a lot of fun as a dad. I look at the world differently now because kids teach you things that adults won’t.”

Having two girls in elementary school has taught him a lot about having patience for fashion shows and makeup lessons, but most importantly, “Having daughters, the thing I have learned the most is how to be a gentleman. To make sure the way I treat my wife and the way I treat my daughters is the way they expect men to treat them, and nothing less.”

Desmond loves watching his children excel, and grow whether it’s in sports or school, or in the way they learn to treat others. He is determined to make sure they have dreams and help them follow those dreams.

“I’m trying to teach my kids to be educated and create a good job. Its all about doing for yourself, how to create, be ambitious and an innovator.”
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